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The office of the DVC R&D is to:

1.Advance and support research as it relates to the University’s researchers and external agencies and sponsors.

2. Oversee and implement technology transfer, protect intellectual property, foster economic development and administer sponsored programmes

3. Ensure research ethics and integrity

4. Oversee the University’s animal care and use programmes

5. Oversee the activities of National Research Centres within the University, University-wide Research Centres, development of innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

6. be responsible for grantsmanship training of researchers, nurturing excellence in research scholarship and creative activity across the entire university

7. Provide oversight of research activity by the faculties’ research centres, units and laboratories.

8. develop R&D strategic plan, annual research reports and magazines to market the impacts of research activities.

9. be responsible for managing research relationships with government, industry, foundations and international sponsors championing research, and supporting academics

10. ensure Technology Park development

11. ensure Art Village development

12. ensure Science Centre development

13. Facilitate the Development of Central Research Laboratories (Science, Engineering, Medicine; Art Studio)

14. Organise Annual Research Fair/Conferences

15. Organise Art Fair.

16. Secure and Monitor Professorial Chairs/Fellowships/Visiting Scholars.

17. Secure placements and monitor Post-Doctoral Research.