Foreign Grant

Below are the Research grants, under the Department of Mechanical Engineering, with the current progress being shown:


S/n Title Client Value Beneficiary/Role Status
1 AAKTP: Development of a Novel Hybrid Solar PV/Thermal Pre-cooler for Smallholder Farmers Innovate UK £83,930.00 PI April. 2022 – June. 2023
2 Renewable Energies For Africa: Effective Valorization of Agri-Food Wastes (Reffect Africa) European Commission €359,842.50 Lead (UniPort) Dec. 2021 – Nov. 2026
3 Nigeria Deep Decarbonisation Pathways Project AFD (IDDRI) €327,000.00 SRF Mar. 2021 – Feb. 2023
4 Mapping and development of geographic information system of biomass potential in sub-Saharan Africa GCRF £24,310.00 PI Mar. 2020 – June. 2021
5 Transforming Energy Access – Learning Partnership: MSc Energy Access and Renewable Energy Technology DFID (administered by Carbon Trust) £98,000 PI Jul. 2019 –  Oct. 2021
6 Automotive Engineering Programme Curriculum Development with Industry Collaborations GCRF £138,639 CO-PI Mar. 2017 – Mar. 2019
7 Assessment of renewable energy potentials in coastline communities in the Niger Delta of Nigeria DFID (administered by AAS CIRCLE) $31,200 PI Jan. 2016 – Dec. 2016
8 Native and Modified starches from some wild tubers as emulsifiers and demulsifiers  in the oil industry (R21-6517928353) Royal Society of Chemistry £4,000 Ongoing
9 Leveraging on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for financial inclusion of female headed  farm households in Southern Nigeria AXA Research Fund Community Grant €60,000 Dr. Vivian Ugwuje Ended
10 Dr. Vivians Ambassador Outreach AXA Research Fund Community Grant €8,000 Dr. Vivian Ugwuje Ongoing
11 African Centre of Excellence IMPACT Project (ACEPUTOR & ACECEFOR) FGN/AAU/WORLDBANK/AFD $11,000,000 Uniport Until 2024
12 PASET-RSIF-ICBD Strengthening Institutional Infrastructure for Innovation Ecosystem – Up – Ecosin Project World Bank/Sub-Saharan African Government $50,000 Profs. Onyewuchi Akaranta & Ibisione Etela Ongoing
13 PASET-RSIF-RA Developing Orange Mesocarp and Red Onion Skin into Multifunctional Materials for Oil Field Applications. Up-MFM project World bank/Sub-Sahara African Governments under the African Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund for Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology $83,994 Prof. Onyewuchi Akaranta,

Dr. Williams Eke  Dr. Cynthia Victor-Oji

14 Strengthening  institutional capacity for quality and sustainable doctoral training, research and innovation in transformative technologies in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). African Regional Scholarship and innovation Fund (RSIF). An Applied Science, Engineering and Technology Project. $60 – $70 yearly University of Port Harcourt ongoing