Research partnership and external relations


1.      Develop and implement partnership strategy that supports research and innovation in a manner that enhances the very best of relationship with the promoters, donors and others.

2.      Ensure that the research personnel understand the importance of partnership and are fully involved in its implementation

3.      Facilitate strategic engagement with international and national stakeholders on research and development.

4.      Develop and manage MoUs which arise from partnerships.

5.      Build capacity for research development and implementation of research outcomes.



1. Ensure that Uniport develops and maintains positive and effective partnerships and purposeful relationships that are relevant to the implementation of research and development in the University.

2. Promote the visions and objectives of Uniport’s strategic research plan to external stakeholders.

3.To seek opportunities to access and secure funding for the development of knowledge exchange activities.

4.Develop networks internally and externally to enable researchers and academics to grow research and enterprise activities.

5. To professionally communicate and market research progress and impacts to industry, investors and society.

6. Provide leadership of the University’s start-ups to a standard that meets regulatory requirements and position Uniport to achieve excellence through entrepreneurship.



  • Number of  national and international partnerships secured.
  • Monetary value of the partnerships.
  • New skills acquired.
  • Journals written.
  • Conferences held this year.




Dr. Tobinson Briggs

Department of Mechanical Engineering,

Faculty of Engineering


  1. Dr. Chioma Daisy Onyige – Department of Sociology
  2. Dr. Ovunda Ihunwo – Department of Theatre and Film Studies
  3. Dr. Collins Wizor – Department of Geography and Environmental Management
  4. Prof. Chukwuemeka N. Ehirim – Department of Physics


  1. Dr. Iroh Williams Okwara – R&D Staff