Research collaboration and infrastructure Development

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  • Responsibilities
  • Key performance indicator (KPI)

Research capability

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  • Responsibilities
  • Key performance indicator (KPI)

Research partnership and external relations

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  • Responsibilities
  • Key performance indicator (KPI)

Graduate Research

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1.  Research Collaboration and Infrastructure Promote research collaborative engagement among Researcher, Research groups in department, units and outside bodies. Ensure we have the right infrastructure:

1.      To identify and collate research expertise in all Centres, Institutes and Faculties.

2.      To identify and reach out to potential collaborators.

3.      To assemble teams for research collaboration.

4.      To develop the research infrastructure of the University.

5.       Identify and enable proper management and curation of research data.


1.Responsible for ensuring that the collaborative and infrastructure development activities of the DVC R&D’s office are accomplished.

2.Provide oversight of the operations of the Faculties/Centres/Institutes/Professorial Chairs to ensure effective and efficient operations, ensuring that Uniport meets international benchmark standards in research integrity and ensure that research requirements can be met in a cost-effective manner.

3.Provide overall leadership of the operations of internal analytical and research support functions that operate on a cost recovery model.

4.Work with Faculties/Centres/Institutes/Professorial Chairs to ensure that research operations and research facilities management meets international best practice standards.

To Oversee grant management in keeping with global best practice

v  Number of collaborations achieved within Uniport research system.

v  Number of collaborations achieved with external research operators.

v  The number and value of research equipment acquired form collaborations

2. Research Capability 1.      Develop and efficiently utilize research capability

2.      Manage University Research funds for promotion and delivery of research activities

3.      Coordinate Government-Industry-Academia research interface to enhance capital wealth.


1. Ensure that all instruments required for research capability development are accessible.

2. Delivery of a comprehensive programme of training and development of researchers in the University.

3. Source for opportunities for placement of young researchers in post-doctoral fellowships.

v  Number of research officers trained in one year.


v  Number of research publications.


v  Number of collaborations and grants won

3.  Research partnership and external relations 1.      Develop and implement partnership strategy that supports research and innovation in a manner that enhances the very best of relationship with the promoters, donors and others.

2.      Ensure that the research personnel understand the importance of partnership and are fully involved in its implementation

3.      Facilitate strategic engagement with international and national stakeholders on research and development.

4.      Develop and manage MoUs which arise from partnerships.

5.      Build capacity for research development and implementation of research outcomes.

1.Ensure that Uniport develops and maintains positive and effective partnerships and purposeful relationships that are relevant to the implementation of research and development in the University.

2. Promote the visions and objectives of Uniport’s strategic research plan to external stakeholders.

3.To seek opportunities to access and secure funding for the development of knowledge exchange activities.

4.Develop networks internally and externally to enable researchers and academics to grow research and enterprise activities.

5. To professionally communicate and market research progress and impacts to industry, investors and society.

6. Provide leadership of the University’s start-ups to a standard that meets regulatory requirements and position Uniport to achieve excellence through entrepreneurship.

v  Number of  national and international partnerships secured.

v  Monetary value of the partnerships.


v  New skills acquired.

4.  Graduate Research


1.      Develop post graduate research competitiveness.

2.      To train researchers in thesis writing and grants application.

3.      To incentivize post graduate research such that researchers with innovative potentials or ground breaking projects are supported by the University.

4.      To participate in graduate school seminars and project defense in order to identity projects with potentials.

1. Ensure development of graduates capable of producing high quality research.

2. Quality assurance and quality control of graduate research

3. Teach graduate students creative thinking, how to write research proposals and how to attract venture capital to start new businesses.

4. Teach graduate students the value of accurate data collection, data analysis and data mining.

4. To develop mechanisms for evaluating the quality of postgraduate research

5. To ensure that the work of the University’s Institutional Review Board or Research Ethics Committee is in keeping with the quality and standards expected of such a body globally

v  Quantity and quality of graduate research outcomes


v  Grants won by graduate students and their supervisors