Graduate Research


1.      Develop post graduate research competitiveness.

2.      To train researchers in thesis writing and grants application.

3.      To incentivize post graduate research such that researchers with innovative potentials or ground breaking projects are supported by the University.

4.      To participate in graduate school seminars and project defense in order to identity projects with potentials.



1.    Ensure development of graduates capable of producing high quality research.

2.    Quality assurance and quality control of graduate research.

3.    Teach graduate students creative thinking, how to write research proposals and how to attract venture capital to start new businesses.

4.    Teach graduate students the value of accurate data collection, data analysis and data mining.

5.    To develop mechanisms for evaluating the quality of postgraduate research.

6.    To ensure that the work of the University’s Institutional Review Board or Research Ethics Committee is in keeping with the quality and standards expected of such a body globally.



  • Quantity and quality of graduate research outcomes
  • Grants won by graduate students and their supervisors
  • Total number of grants given per year




Prof P. J Kpolovie

Department of Educational Management


  1. Prof. Iheanyi Omezuruike Okonko – Dept. of Microbiology
  2. Dr. Ogugbue Chimezie Jason – Dept. of Microbiology
  3. Dr. Igwe Sunny – Dept. of Marketing
  4. Prof Akpan Ndem Ikot – Dept. of Physics


  1. Dr. Osas Paul Otubo – R&D Staff