Research Collaboration and Infrastructure


Promote research collaborative engagement among Researcher, Research groups in department, units and outside bodies. Ensure we have the right infrastructure:

1.      To identify and collate research expertise in all Centres, Institutes and Faculties.

2.      To identify and reach out to potential collaborators.

3.      To assemble teams for research collaboration.

4.      To develop the research infrastructure of the University.

5.       Identify and enable proper management and curation of research data.



1.    Responsible for ensuring that the collaborative and infrastructure development activities of the DVC R&D’s office are accomplished.

2.     Provide oversight of the operations of the Faculties/Centres/Institutes/Professorial Chairs to ensure effective and efficient operations, ensuring that Uniport meets international benchmark standards in research integrity and ensure that research requirements can be met in a cost-effective manner.

3.     Provide overall leadership of the operations of internal analytical and research support functions that operate on a cost recovery model.

4.     Work with Faculties/Centres/Institutes/Professorial Chairs to ensure that research operations and research facilities management meets international best practice standards.

5.     To Oversee grant management in keeping with global best practice.



1.     Number of collaborations achieved within Uniport research system.

2.     Number of collaborations achieved with external research operators.

3.     The number and value of research equipment acquired form collaborations




Prof. Noutcha Mekeu Aline Edith

Dept. of Animal & Environmental Biology


  1. Dr. Joy Emmaoke Olotu – Dept. of Anatomy
  2. Dr. Olanrewajus Lawal – Dept.  of Geography & Environmental Management
  3. Dr. Millicent Uzoamaka – Dept.  of Pure & Industrial Chemistry
  4. Dr. Aroloye O. Numbere  – Dept. of Animal & Environmental Biology


  1. Grace Ine Monday – R&D Staff