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1. Prof. M. Ifeanacho Director, Centre for Peace, and Security Studies martin.ifeanacho@uniport.edu.ng 08033399783
2. Prof. D. Appah Director, Institute of Petroleum Studies (IPS) dulu.appah@uniport.edu.ng 08135344555
3. Prof. I. Anochie Director, Clerking Skills Laboratory ifeoma.anochie@uniport.edu.ng 08055420544
4. Prof. G. I. K. Tasie Director, Ashgrove Academy george.tasie@uniport.edu.ng 08135187781
5. Prof.  L. Ohale Director, Institute of International Trade and Development law.ohale@uniport.edu.ng 08037046894
6. Prof. E. J. Okereke Director, UniPort Business School [UPBS] emeka.okereke@uniport.edu.ng 08033795828
7. Prof. J.O. Osuji Director, Regional Centre for Biotechnology and Bioresources Research julian.osuji@uniport.edu.ng 08037236785
8. Dr. C. Agi Director, University Sports Institute Chukwuemeka.agi@uniport.edu.ng 08033382154
9. Prof. V. U. Ukaegbu Director, Centre for Petroleum Geosciences, IPS victor.ukaegbu@uniport.edu.ng 08037025850
10. Prof. B.N. Iruloh Director, Institute of Education betty.ruth.iruloh@uniport.edu.ng 08037047205
11. Prof. P. O. Asagba Director, ICTC asagba.prince@uniport.edu.ng 08056023566
12. Prof. P. E. Ejele Director, School of General Studies philomena.ejele@uniport.edu.ng 08033380829
13. Prof. N. Frank-Peterside Director, Quality Assurance & Quality Control Unit nnenna.frank-peterside@uniport.edu.ng 08033106272
14. Prof. A. I. Hart Director, Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development [INRES] aduabobo.hart@uniport.edu.ng 08033129803
15. Prof. N. M. Abraham Director, College of Continuing Education [CCE] nath.abraham@uniport.edu.ng 08033409364
16. Prof. B. Ordinioha Director, University of Port Harcourt School of Public Health best.ordinioha@uniport.edu.ng 08037075300
17. Dr. Daniel Mbee Director, Centre for Disaster Risk  Management and Development Studies daniel.mbee@uniport.edu.ng 08068053771
18. Prof. Christiana U. Omego



Director, Centre for Children Developmental & Communication Disorder christiana.omego@uniport.edu.ng 08033504741
19. Prof. G. O. Abu Director, Local Affiliations Unit gideon.abu@uniport.edu.ng 08033423726
20. Prof. P. C. E. Iro Director, Centre for Teacher Education and In-Service Training paul.iro@uniport.edu.ng 07035521602
21. Prof. E.M. Egben Director, Institute of Niger Delta Studies emmanuelgben@uniport.edu.ng 08036741071


22. Prof. C. M. Uche Director, Post NCE Sandwich chineze.uche@uniport.edu.ng 08033384427
23. Prof. C. Ogbuji Director, Entrepreneurship Centre chinedu.ogbuji@uniport.edu.ng 08035419583


24. Prof E. Amah Director, Graduate School of Economics and Management [SEM] edwina.amah@uniport.edu.ng 08033413886
25. Dr. A.T. Awopeju Director, Centre for Medical Research and Training abimbola.awopeju@uniport.edu.ng 080334100038
26. Prof. O. S. Akpogomeh Director, Centre for Logistics and Transport Studies [CELTRAS] osi.akpoghomeh@uniport.edu.ng  08033381826                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
27. Prof. F. N. Akani Director UniPort Investment Ltd (UIL) Fyneface.akani@uniport.edu.ng 08033426845
28. Prof. Millicent U. Ibezim-Ezeani Director, Central Inst. Laboratory Millicent.ibezim-ezeani@uniport.edu.ng 07039450740
29. Prof N.N. Iheanacho Director, Academic Planning and Research ngozi.iheanacho@uniport.edu.ng 08134474272
30. Prof. R. Uhumnwangho Director, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office [IPTTO] roland.uhumnwangho@uniport.edu.ng 08033410950
31. Prof. F.N.Aminigo Director, Centre for Nomadic Education imaminigo@uniport.edu.ng 08106519897          
32. Prof. Julius Akani Chairman, Senate Committee on Anti-Plagiarism and Coordinator, Confucius Teaching Point juliusakani@gmail.com


33. Prof. A. N. Amasiatu Ag. Director, Centre for Higher Education Studies athanasius.amasiatu@uniport.edu.ng 08168640468
34. Dr. A.D. Alagah Ag. Director, SIWES
*Coordinators are not Members of Senate


35. Dr. E. O. Nwaichi Ag. Director, Exchange and Linkage Unit eucharia.nwaichi@uniport.edu.ng 08056031989
36. Dr K. Nyiayaana Ag. Director, Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution    
37. Dr. J. N. Ugbebor Ag. Director, Centre for Occupational Health, Safety & Environment [COHSE] john.ugbeba@uniport.edu.ng 08033415501
38. Dr. K. E. Okanta Ag. Director, Youth Friendly Centre Kelechi.okanta@uniport.edu.ng 08037201256
39. Dr. V.J. Aimikhe Ag. Director, Centre for Petroleum Research and Training Victor.aimikhe@uniport.edu.ng 08169558835
40. Dr. Psalms Chinaka Ag. Director, Community Service Programme Psalms.chinaka@uniport.edu.ng 08035524619
41. Prof. A. Onoja Ag. Director, Institute of Agricultural Research and Development [IARD] Anthony.onoja@uniport.edu.ng 08065238655
42. Dr. G. N. Amadi Ag. Director, Centre for Sandwich and Skill Acquisition Programmes glory.amadi@uniport.edu.ng 08037582446
43. Dr. I. Ojule Ag. Director, Centre for Health and Development Inumanye.ojule@uniport.edu.ng


44. Prof. B. O. Omijeh Ag. Director, Centre of Information and Telecommunications Engineering (CITE) bourdillon.omijeh@uniport.edu.ng 08037904090
45. Dr K.C. Patrick-Iwuanyanwu Ag. Director, Centre for Marine Pollution Monitoring & Seafood Safety kc.patrick-iwuanyanwu@uniport.edu.ng 08033160429
46. Dr. A. Oji Ag. Director, Centre for Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals, Engineering Akuma.oji@uniport.edu.ng 08036766960
47. Dr U. Georgewill  Director, School of Basic Studies Udeme_georgewill@uniport.edu.ng 08036662936
48. Dr. B. O. Evbuomwan Director, Centre for Nuclear Energy Studies benson.evbuomwan@uniport.edu.ng 08037106577
49. Dr. G. N.H. Nsirim-Worlu Ag. Director, Centre for Gender Studies & Development Studies heoma.worlu@uniport.edu.ng 08033094293
50. Dr. E. Omorogiuwa Ag. Director, Institute for Engineering Technology and      Innovation Management (METI) eseosa.omorogiuwa@uniport.edu.ng 08035150986
51. Prof. H. U. Nwosu Director, Offshore Technology Institute [OTI] harold.nwosu@uniport.edu.ng 08034545849
52. Dr O.V. Olulu-Briggs Ag. Director, Special Projects, Office of the Vice-Chancellor    omiete.olulu-briggs@uniport.edu.ng 08061543310
53. Dr. S. I. Okoroafor Ag. Director, Uniport Museum stanley.okoroafor@uniport.edu.ng 08032287536
54. Prof. S. Joab-Peterside Ag. Director, Claude Ake School of Government sofri.joab-peterside@uniport.edu.ng 08033401408
55. Dr. C. Nwaozuzu Director, Emerald Energy Institute cnwaozuzu@gmail.com 07068743617
56. Prof. F. Nwafor Ag. Director, Institute of Arts and Culture [Arts Village] friday.nwafor@uniport.edu.ng 08053277794
57. Dr C.T. Nwofor Ag. Director, Centre for Geotechnical and Coastal Engineering Research [CGCER] admin.cgcer@uniport.edu.ng 08120456980
58. Dr. K. Green Ag. Director, Institute of Maternal and Child Health                                Kinikanwo.green@uniport.edu.ng  
59. Dr. B. B. Baridam Ag. Director, Open, Distance & e-Learning Centre bb.baridam@uniport.edu.ng 08033429983
60. Dr. R. O. Ekechukwu Ag. Director, Counselling and Human Development Centre rosemary.ekechukwu@uniport.edu.ng 07038904233
61. Prof. D. S. Ogaji Centre Leader, World Bank Africa Centre of Excellence in Public Health and Toxicological Research
daprim.ogajie@uniport.edu.ng 08037092225
62. Prof. Ehimen P. Odum Director, Centre for Molecular Diagnostic & Research Laboratory ehimen.odum@uniport.edu.ng 08097868263
63. Prof. T. A. Briggs University of Port Harcourt Technology Park tobinson.briggs@uniport.edu.ng 08037092873
64. Dr. O.M. Adienbo Director, Centre for Malaria Research and Phytomedicine Ologhaguo.adienbo@uniport.ng 08030953240