Centers and Institutes


1. Prof. M. Ifeanacho Director, Centre for Peace, and Security Studies 08033399783
2. Prof. D. Appah Director, Institute of Petroleum Studies (IPS) 08135344555
3. Prof. I. Anochie Director, Clerking Skills Laboratory 08055420544
4. Prof. G. I. K. Tasie Director, Ashgrove Academy 08135187781
5. Prof.  L. Ohale Director, Institute of International Trade and Development 08037046894
6. Prof. E. J. Okereke Director, UniPort Business School [UPBS] 08033795828
7. Prof. J.O. Osuji Director, Regional Centre for Biotechnology and Bioresources Research 08037236785
8. Dr. C. Agi Director, University Sports Institute 08033382154
9. Prof. V. U. Ukaegbu Director, Centre for Petroleum Geosciences, IPS 08037025850
10. Prof. B.N. Iruloh Director, Institute of Education 08037047205
11. Prof. P. O. Asagba Director, ICTC 08056023566
12. Prof. P. E. Ejele Director, School of General Studies 08033380829
13. Prof. N. Frank-Peterside Director, Quality Assurance & Quality Control Unit 08033106272
14. Prof. A. I. Hart Director, Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development [INRES] 08033129803
15. Prof. N. M. Abraham Director, College of Continuing Education [CCE] 08033409364
16. Prof. B. Ordinioha Director, University of Port Harcourt School of Public Health 08037075300
17. Dr. Daniel Mbee Director, Centre for Disaster Risk  Management and Development Studies 08068053771
18. Prof. Christiana U. Omego



Director, Centre for Children Developmental & Communication Disorder 08033504741
19. Prof. G. O. Abu Director, Local Affiliations Unit 08033423726
20. Prof. P. C. E. Iro Director, Centre for Teacher Education and In-Service Training 07035521602
21. Prof. E.M. Egben Director, Institute of Niger Delta Studies 08036741071


22. Prof. C. M. Uche Director, Post NCE Sandwich 08033384427
23. Prof. C. Ogbuji Director, Entrepreneurship Centre 08035419583


24. Prof E. Amah Director, Graduate School of Economics and Management [SEM] 08033413886
25. Dr. A.T. Awopeju Director, Centre for Medical Research and Training 080334100038
26. Prof. O. S. Akpogomeh Director, Centre for Logistics and Transport Studies [CELTRAS]  08033381826                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
27. Prof. F. N. Akani Director UniPort Investment Ltd (UIL) 08033426845
28. Prof. Millicent U. Ibezim-Ezeani Director, Central Inst. Laboratory 07039450740
29. Prof N.N. Iheanacho Director, Academic Planning and Research 08134474272
30. Prof. R. Uhumnwangho Director, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office [IPTTO] 08033410950
31. Prof. F.N.Aminigo Director, Centre for Nomadic Education 08106519897          
32. Prof. Julius Akani Chairman, Senate Committee on Anti-Plagiarism and Coordinator, Confucius Teaching Point

33. Prof. A. N. Amasiatu Ag. Director, Centre for Higher Education Studies 08168640468
34. Dr. A.D. Alagah Ag. Director, SIWES
*Coordinators are not Members of Senate

35. Dr. E. O. Nwaichi Ag. Director, Exchange and Linkage Unit 08056031989
36. Dr K. Nyiayaana Ag. Director, Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution  
37. Dr. J. N. Ugbebor Ag. Director, Centre for Occupational Health, Safety & Environment [COHSE] 08033415501
38. Dr. K. E. Okanta Ag. Director, Youth Friendly Centre 08037201256
39. Dr. V.J. Aimikhe Ag. Director, Centre for Petroleum Research and Training 08169558835
40. Dr. Psalms Chinaka Ag. Director, Community Service Programme 08035524619
41. Prof. A. Onoja Ag. Director, Institute of Agricultural Research and Development [IARD] 08065238655
42. Dr. G. N. Amadi Ag. Director, Centre for Sandwich and Skill Acquisition Programmes 08037582446
43. Dr. I. Ojule Ag. Director, Centre for Health and Development

44. Prof. B. O. Omijeh Ag. Director, Centre of Information and Telecommunications Engineering (CITE) 08037904090
45. Dr K.C. Patrick-Iwuanyanwu Ag. Director, Centre for Marine Pollution Monitoring & Seafood Safety 08033160429
46. Dr. A. Oji Ag. Director, Centre for Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals, Engineering 08036766960
47. Dr U. Georgewill  Director, School of Basic Studies 08036662936
48. Dr. B. O. Evbuomwan Director, Centre for Nuclear Energy Studies 08037106577
49. Dr. G. N.H. Nsirim-Worlu Ag. Director, Centre for Gender Studies & Development Studies 08033094293
50. Dr. E. Omorogiuwa Ag. Director, Institute for Engineering Technology and      Innovation Management (METI) 08035150986
51. Prof. H. U. Nwosu Director, Offshore Technology Institute [OTI] 08034545849
52. Dr O.V. Olulu-Briggs Ag. Director, Special Projects, Office of the Vice-Chancellor 08061543310
53. Dr. S. I. Okoroafor Ag. Director, Uniport Museum 08032287536
54. Prof. S. Joab-Peterside Ag. Director, Claude Ake School of Government 08033401408
55. Dr. C. Nwaozuzu Director, Emerald Energy Institute 07068743617
56. Prof. F. Nwafor Ag. Director, Institute of Arts and Culture [Arts Village] 08053277794
57. Dr C.T. Nwofor Ag. Director, Centre for Geotechnical and Coastal Engineering Research [CGCER] 08120456980
58. Dr. K. Green Ag. Director, Institute of Maternal and Child Health                        
59. Dr. B. B. Baridam Ag. Director, Open, Distance & e-Learning Centre 08033429983
60. Dr. R. O. Ekechukwu Ag. Director, Counselling and Human Development Centre 07038904233
61. Prof. D. S. Ogaji Centre Leader, World Bank Africa Centre of Excellence in Public Health and Toxicological Research
[ACE-PUTOR] 08037092225
62. Prof. Ehimen P. Odum Director, Centre for Molecular Diagnostic & Research Laboratory 08097868263
63. Prof. T. A. Briggs University of Port Harcourt Technology Park 08037092873
64. Dr. O.M. Adienbo Director, Centre for Malaria Research and Phytomedicine 08030953240